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Best Panini Grill Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In UK

Everyone loves sandwiches, and when it is grilled, it is irresistible. Sandwich grillers are slowly making their way to every household kitchen. This cooking equipment can cook and grill at the same time, and it has endless applications for many food recipes. The panini sandwiches can be made with two machines, namely the panini press and panini grill. In this buying guide, we’ll be talking about the panini grill. So, the main question to answer is which unit to buy? It is challenging to compare these products because each panini grill is versatile in its way. To find the best possible panini grill in the market, one has to have answers to three questions. First, whether it is for personal use or business purposes? Second, how frequently do you grill your food items? Finally, the types of food items used on the grill machine? If you got answers to all of them, then let’s move forward.

Types Of Panini Grills

Medium or Light Duty Panini Grill

These are commonly found in small cafes and sandwich shops. They are great for warming, grilling, and even cooking food items like sandwiches and tortillas. It is a good choice when looking to use it for a longer period.

Heavy Duty Panini Grills

These types of grill machines have the most number of applications. It can continuously operate multiple tasks without much strain or workload. These panini grills can handle wear and tear because they have a robust framework. If you need to make a dozen sandwiches at a time, you should probably upgrade to a commercial panini grill.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Panini Grill

Counter Space

The space available on your countertop decides whether you can accommodate a single or dual panini press. Larger presses take more counter space but provide fat and juicy sandwiches. One should also consider the area it takes to store it when the machine is not in use.

Plate Setup

Each press comes with a different plate configuration. Commercial machines have the most variations, and household types have the least. The best option would be a grooved top/smooth bottom configuration. It gives more versatility to the appliance. For dual presses, there are double grooved and smooth patterns that are a perfect fit for high-volume applications.

Floating Hinges

Models that provide diversity in their recipes come with floating hinges. It can work under different thicknesses at the same time. One can lower it or raise it above to shift the width of the sandwich. With floating hinges, one can quickly tell when a sandwich is grilled to perfection.


The price point varies from brand to brand based on capacity and features. Many are available in the cookworks section on the online stores like Argos. Some good models of tower panini presses and standard presses come from Tefal and Breville. The price of these ranges anywhere between 20 Pounds to 85 Pounds.


Presses can undergo so many repairs within six months to a one-year time frame. It is an obvious burden to handle but with a warranty card, it can all be handled without lifting a finger.


That is all the information one needs to know before buying a panini grill for their kitchen. The main things are the frequency of use and the number of people to feed. Estimate those values to the right amounts, and you’ll be all set to make the purchase. To make the best decision, follow our list of top ten panini grills.