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Best Gas Barbecue Grill Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In UK

Barbeque evenings with loved ones are indeed everybody's favorite time of the week. With all the weekdays' hustle-bustle, it is the perfect time to unwind and enjoy some fantastic delicious grilled food finally! And for that, investing in good barbecue grills are essential. There are different types of barbeque grills available in the market, but the most popular one is the gas barbeque grills. Here the barbeque grill operates on a gas supply, either natural gas or liquid propane gas. These gas barbeque grills offer a very even heating and grilling. In this buying guide, the basic types and factors of gas barbeque grills to consider are listed below.

What are the different types of gas barbeque grills?

The best gas barbeque grills can be categorized into four primary types, and they are as follows:

Infrared gas barbecue grill

Here a specific type of infrared element is heated. The amount of heat achieved here is much better than the usual grills and can cook the food in lesser time. With the infrared gas barbeque grills, the food tends to retain a fair amount of moisture and has an enhanced flavor profile.

Flat top gas barbecue grill

The flat-top gas barbeque grills are very often called gas griddles or hibachis. These have a very flat cooking surface, unlike the regular outdoor grills. There is no lid covering in these gas barbeque grills and are mostly used for making dishes like fajitas, fried rice, bacon, eggs and so on.

Built-in gas barbecue grill

These gas barbeque grills are mostly installed in either a custom made outdoor place or any other fixture that is similar to a stovetop or countertop. These are not a portable option yet offer a great deal of grilling.

Freestanding and portable gas barbecue grill

These portable gas barbeque grills are the most popular among the rest due to their portability factor. These have built-in wheels and include built-in drawers and extra storage of the gas tanks and accessories. These gas barbeque grills have a comparatively smaller size in general.

Factors to consider before buying a gas barbecue grill are:

  • Outer Material

The best indoor gas barbecue grill of the best brands like sunbeam, weber and so on are stainless steel or porcelain coating, which is super sturdy and durable. These materials do not get affected by the high heat temperatures, unlike the regular grills.

  • Grates Quality

The grates of the best gas barbecue grill are usually made of cast iron, stainless steel, or porcelain coating. These materials do not chip and also have non-stick properties. These gas barbecue grill grates have a superior heat distribution and retention for an effective grilling.

  • Cooking Space

There are various cooking space options available in these gas barbecue grills, which one can choose as per the family's requirements. The most common gas barbecue grill has a cooking space of approximately 500 square inches or even more, which is optimum for a family of four.

  • Burner Quality

The burners of these gas barbecue grills are the source of the flame. The best burners of these gas barbecue grills are usually made of materials like stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and so on, which are some great choices for efficient burning.

  • Burner Count

There number of burners in these good gas barbecue grills can range anywhere from one to five, whichever is suitable. The higher the number of burners, the better the facility is cooking more dishes at a single go.

  • Ignition Style

The most common types of ignition styles in these gas barbecue grills are either one step push button or electric ignition. The push-button type of ignition generates sparks, whereas the electronic ignition type requires batteries to ignite the grill.

  • Flame Tamers

The flames in grills can sometimes go out of control, resulting in either over grilling or any such unexpected situations. Therefore, the best gas barbecue grill has specific flame tamers that act as a barrier between the burners and the gas barbecue grill's grate. The flame tamers are mostly made of pure stainless steel or porcelain. It shields the food from any flare-ups and also prevents the juices from dipping from the burner.

  • Rotisseries

The natural gas barbecue grill or lp gas barbecue grill have specific rotisseries that help better and automatic rotation for dishes that require slow roasting like poultry.

  • Warming Racks

These gas barbecue grills also have specific warming racks, which are excellent to keep the food warm for a more extended period without keeping them directly in the heat, which can again sometimes result in overcooking.

  • Grease Pans

Since dripping of liquids and grease stuck to the grills are some prevalent issues. Thus, these good gas barbecue grills have separate grease pans placed beneath the gas barbecue grill to collect the grease or any liquid dipping from the gas barbecue grill. The grease pan is then removed, and the collected waste is disposed of, which is comparatively a mess-free process.

  • Controls

These gas barbecue grills give users complete control of the cooking temperatures via the knobs present in the gas barbecue grill. These knobs are a quick and easy way to regulate the temperatures and the necessities conveniently.

  • Price

The best gas barbeque grills are not very expensive for most people. The price point of these gas barbeque grills ranges from £200 to £800, which is very cost-efficient.

  • Warranty

The warranty policy brands can fix issues with the knob controls, ignition, flames, or anything in general with these gas barbeque grills. Brands like sunbeam and others offer a warranty period of one year to five years with their gas barbeque grills.

Final Thoughts

With such amazing facilities, these gas barbeque grills are the perfect addition to all those barbeque evenings. Be it turkey or the regular hamburgers. These gas barbeque grills do it all! To know the top 10 best gas barbeque grills, check out the list given above.