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Best Home Projector Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In UK

There is no doubt that TVs are getting bigger and bigger with high-quality features. But nothing can truly recreate the viewing experience of a movie theatre. The closest thing that has come in delivering that immersive experience is a home projector. These illuminating devices help set up a large screen without sacrificing a whole lot of floor space. Many people likely favor home projectors because it projects a natural look of images, reducing eye strain. With no glare coming through a sheet of glass, home projectors can enhance one's gaming and cinema experience. The compatibility of a home projector is broader than any standard television set. It usually comes with dual HDMI ports to establish a Blu-Ray connection. Some of the latest home projectors are capable of even connecting gaming consoles and other media streamers. This buying guide will provide some significant types and features to empower you with all the right tools.

Types Of Home Projectors

DLP Home Projector

Unlike other lamp-based home projectors, DLP models use brighter and more vibrant color schemes to enhance user experience. Some of these projectors even come in 4K resolution. The installation is also different from traditional home projectors, and it is an ultra-short-throw-projector. DLP home projectors can go up to 80 inches, so one is presented with a wide variety of sizes. The price on this may sound a bit extreme, but with surround sound and OLED-like image presentation, one would think it is worth the investment.

Laser Home Projector

Laser home projectors have always been on the higher-end or premium versions of projectors. They come with the highest of resolutions with at least a 16:9 aspect ratio. Even the brightness capacity is impressive with 4000 Lumens. One can use this projector in different environments without having to worry about the lighting conditions. One can increase the image size up to 300 inches without any pixel distortion. The manual zoom adjustment is supported with lens shift and manual focus so that the image is raised and lowered conveniently.

Home Projector for a Small Space

People who love watching cinemas on a vast screen but don't have enough space should get a small or tiny home projector to fit in their apartment. A small HD home projector is a suitable model in this category, but one has to make sure that their room is dark enough. To get a portable home projector, one should consider a pocket-like media device that is interoperable with other monitors and screens. The brightness capacity for these user-specific models is likely low in the range of 2000-3000 Lumens. If one wants to experience futuristic or future-proof projector tech, they should go with 3D home projectors.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Home Projector


The resolution of the projector contributes a lot to the overall image quality. The detailing is enhanced in every pixel, so each image becomes more defined. At present, the game-changing resolution is, without a doubt, 4K. If that doesn't come in your budget, you can always go with a full HD home projector. HD projectors that have pixel-shifting technology are likely more compatible with different content.

Brightness Capacity

Brightness is crucial for buying a home projector because one has to consider ambient lighting and different ways light can enter into the room. Home theatres with fewer windows and outlets are ideal for a native 4K projector. The brightness ratings range anywhere between 800-4500 Lumens. If you have a completely darkened room, you can opt for a low capacity model. But if one wants to illuminate a larger image, they should go with at least 2000 Lumens.

Contrast Ratio

When it comes to picture clarity, nothing can measure the difference from one projector to another, like the contrast ratio. To get the best viewing experience, one has to ensure a high contrast ratio for their home projector. This helps increase each color's depth, and it gives a fine detail to each pattern. Some advanced home projectors even let the user boost the contrast ratio for a better experience. It also happens when one decodes HDR-enhanced video sources.

Wireless HDMI

Many people are fed up with wires and installation cables, and to make it all go away, one has to get a wireless HDMI. This helps in improving connectivity with other components. Epson has some cool projectors that run without any cables on the floor.

Lens Shift & Reflective Surface

The lens orientation can be shifted up and down to make it more feasible to view from different angles. The user now gets more placement options because, with lens shift, one can position the projector off-center and still get an entirely right image. 3D sound and glasses are some unique add-ons that make the images look more crisp and bright: the reflective surface or the 3D glass helps.


Putting a price on comfort is always going to cost a lot. But that's not the case with every home projector. There are some reliable cheap home projectors, but one cannot expect the same picture quality as other home projector kits. Sony and Epson are two leading giants in this industry, so check their product line to find fantastic home projectors. The price ranges anywhere between 150 Pounds to 350 Pounds.


A two-year limited warranty period is given by almost every major manufacturer to ensure its safety and fulfill the user's requirements. Do not overlook warranty deals because it can cover servicing charges and replacements.

Final Words

Entertainment is at its best when it's on a home projector. Some high-output lamps in projectors generate a lot of heat, so try to avoid such models. Buyers should also look into internal processing units to understand the quality of the image. Keystone correction can also help in tweaking the position of the lens. To get the best picture quality from any projector, you should get a screen that fits your media requirement and room size. Check out the top 10 list given above for the best home projector.