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If you believe, like many others, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, how can toasts be kept aside from it? It’s incomplete for many if toasts are not added to it. Besides, getting well-baked and crunchy toasts is also a big challenge, and only a good toaster can make it happen. Right?

What Is A Toaster?

A tiny electric appliance, a toaster bakes different types of sliced bread by using radiant heat and turns it into a crispy toast brown in color in a few minutes. Once it pops up the crunchy slices, you can paste butter, jam, or any other ingredient to make your taste buds happy.

Know Your Needs

We all have different food habits, and thus, we love to binge on end number of food varieties in every meal we have; however, toasts are still one the favorite snacks everyone would like to include in his/her breakfast. If so is the matter in your case as well, you can think of buying the best toaster.

Types of Toaster

Whether to buy a sandwich toaster or a 4 slice toaster, it’s undoubtedly a daunting task to pick the one out of a heap available on the market. Their specific designs and features make the job even more complicated. Nevertheless, we have extensively researched and segregated the following types of toasters to further ease up your job of selecting the right one for your kitchen.

Pop-Up Toaster

This type of toaster is found widely across the globe and probably in every kitchen. You just have to insert bread slices vertically in this, and the coils inside it heat the bread up and turn it brown and crunchy hot. Inside, there is a spring attached tray, which pops up the toast once the set time is over. This toaster enables you to prepare the entire breakfast easily and instantly.

Conveyer Belt Toast

This one is best suited for large scale purposes like in a bakery or fast food joints. It heats up bread from both top and bottom while the conveyer belt goes on moving. When the bread arrives at the end of the belt, it is dropped into the feeder. Commercial toasters come with a pocket-drilling price tag due to their wide and commercial use.

Toaster Ovens

This quite resembles a microwave and thus is called the smaller edition of this appliance, which has a very specific usage. It comes loaded with tempered glass doors and can easily withstand high temperatures. Apart from baking the bread, Toaster Ovens can be used for convection cooking, baking other stuff like cake or biscuits. Besides, it is the best option for preparing peanut butter cookies, baked eggs, lasagna toast, roasted asparagus, and whatnot. For such extensive usability, toaster ovens have made their fixed place in the hearts of cooking lovers.

Consider the following Aspects Before You Make Your Purchase

Purchasing a new toaster isn’t as easy as you might think, as it comes with a wide variety of styles, types, and variants to consider. The guide follows comes at the rescue for you to save a lot of time and energy of yours.

Color Settings

This setting indicates the time period the toaster will run before popping the toasts. In addition, they also show how your bread will look once toasted. This shows, the larger the scale, the more alternatives you will see; therefore, you will control the settings more accurately and so the shade of your toast.

Adjustable Width Slots

This function lets your toaster fit bread slices better no matter how variable they are in terms of size from each other. When you pull the lever down, a metal frame is compressed and fit to your bread chunks as it lowers to ensure that the slices are evenly toasted like bagels.

High Lift

As goes by its name, this ensures your safety. This feature makes the slices sit a little higher than they naturally stay after popping so that you can pick them without burning your fingers.

Crumb Tray

You get a removable crumb tray with most of the brands on the market. This tray you usually found hidden around the base. A toaster with a crumb tray helps you out in cleaning the inside of it better as you can remove and empty it because this tray gets all the crumbs, which fall from toasting.

Automatic Control

An automatic toaster allows you to get your toast pop up once they are heated up. Moreover, it gets switched off as soon as the bread pops up. This saves a lot of time and energy as you do not have to check it time and again. There are toasters that require no pulling of a lever. Only a touch and the job is done.


Always buy an appliance considering your kitchen size, and so is in the case of a toaster. Never go for a fatty one if your kitchen is cramped. There are mini toasters available in the market.


Ensure that the made of your toaster is of sublime quality. Toasters are either made of plastic or metal. The latter is sold more obviously because its heat up time is way too less than that of the plastic one.


In your search for a cheap toaster, this guide comes as a savior and leaves you at the shore of a good deal of savings. The most affordable toaster is priced at £18.96 while a designer toaster like the one from Agos toaster costs £200 or above.


From most manufacturers, you generally get 12 months manufacturer warranty some even can offer you even 18 months warranty. Yet, many brands offer you the extended warranty at some more price during your purchase, and you can avail of the offer.


In a nutshell, the right toaster can not only meet your variety of different needs but also give a notch to the aesthetics of your kitchen. Like the one- Russell Hobbs toaster, which also comes with the advanced feature of wi-fi, is known as wi-fi toaster. We are sure that the comprehensive and well-explained above guide has proved very informative and helpful for you. If the dark clouds of confusion still clutter your mind, try out our top ten list of toasters, and make the best choice.