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You may be shocked to hear that we do ironing for 144 miles throughout our lifespan. Sure, folds and wrinkles can be very troublesome, and ironing is something that most people do not like. The innovation of strong steam generator irons helps not only make this job simpler but also much quicker. The guide follows will help you find out everything you really need to understand to buy your best steam generator iron.

How Is Steam Generator Iron Different from Steam Iron?

A steam generator iron may seem like the latest variant of the conventional steam iron to several people. But that isn't correct. Although it is clear that both irons are doing the same work, i.e., iron clothing, it is distinct how they perform. Steam generator irons are engineered to help make your job easier by helping you to run through your ironing in the shortest period. Have a look below on these distinctions

Size and Appearance

The scale and style of steam generator iron and standard steam iron is noticeable. Steam irons are single uni. All you have to do when you have to use it is to connect them into a plug socket and start ironing. While steam generator irons are greater in size and have two distinct units, one of which is the iron itself, and the other is the base unit. A hose binds the iron and base unit to one another.

Steam Production

It is yet another big difference. The ability to produce steam by a steam generator is far higher than those of a standard steam iron. This production of a large quantity of steam is what makes steam generator irons extra productive in erasing the wrinkles. This steam output makes ironing more effortless, more effective and with greater convenience. You can find a decent steam production ability in Bosch steam generator irons. It is notably soft on all fabrics.

Water Tank Capacity

You may wonder why water tank capacity in irons and steam generator ironing is significant. Their tank capacity is critical as either it makes things convenient for you or makes an ironing job extra long. The capacity of the water tank in the steam generator iron is much larger than the one in standard iron. A bigger tank of water means less regular refilling, with much more constant ironing.

Steam Pressure

One should never overlook the value of steam pressure in an iron. Steam pressure can enable you to love or hate the iron. An iron with strong steam pressure will significantly boost your ironing comfort while you will be irritated by iron with inadequate steam pressure. It is a fundamental distinction because the two devices do not have a similar level of steam pressure. The steam generator iron produces additional pressure, powered by pressing a button, eliminating wrinkles from clothes more easily than a regular steam iron.

Features To Look When Buying A Steam Generator Iron

A steam generator iron undoubtedly has many advantages over the conventional steam iron. How do you consider purchasing the best value steam generator iron for your needs? And what aspects should you take into account?

To assist you to determine here is a list of features that we suggest that you evaluate before buying:

Type of Cloths

Cotton is the most popular fabric. However, most closets include a wide range of clothes. It's not uncommon to see woolen sweaters, nylon outerwear, stretchy track bottoms, mixed socks with denim jeans and cotton t-shirts. Check for a steam generator iron, which can withstand as many forms of fabric as feasible. Some variants use auto-sensing to predetermine heat and steam rates; others are manual-adjustable, to different degrees. It is a factor of choice whether you regulate the settings, or assign it to the computer.

Most importantly, your clothes will come out smooth, clean, and wrinkle-free. For example, Philips steam generator iron comes with excellent efficiency and ease of use. It can safely iron all types of fabrics.


Why should soleplates be remembered when selecting an iron? Small soleplates with compact nose points ride effortlessly over fabrics as compared to their thicker equivalents. When ironing, they don't stick on buttons and zipper either, making them a perfect choice if you use to iron a bunch of shirts, for instance.

Steam Pressure

Pressurized versions of steam generators give off a powerful burst when pressing a button, ironing out tough wrinkles with grace. Non-pressurized steam generator irons operate likewise but generate more steam. Such non-pressurized irons arrive with a dedicated water tank for easy refilling, sometimes containing about 2l of water, enabling you to manage even the most giant ironing chores comfortably. Tefal steam generator iron possesses significantly more steam pressure power.

Removable Water Tank

This function is very beneficial because it allows the iron to be quickly refilled. Another thing about the water container is just to make sure you buy an iron with a transparent water tank so that you can clearly check the amount of water when refilling or ironing. It may get challenging to maintain the balance between a compact steam generator iron and one with enough tank capacity.

Automatic Shutdown

Do you know when you leave an iron ON, an accident is waiting to happen? Irons compensate for many house fires annually. That is why it is critical to check for an easy home steam generator iron with an automated shutdown functionality. It will not only avoid bad injuries, but this will also contribute to reducing your electricity usage too.

Iron Lock

It is essential to have the iron locked to the base while carrying and shipping. It enhances protection, as the iron locking minimizes the chances of dropping iron and having some kind of damage. Usually, all top steam generator irons have a locking feature.

Pro-Tip – Cordless Convenience

If it falls to steam-ironing, there are plenty of choices available today. If you look at the options, you'll realize choosing a specific steam iron can be challenging. You need to determine which kind of iron you need to use. Cordless steam generator iron is a great selection to go with as it is comparatively convenient and provides a free hand ironing experience.


We agree the cost appears like an undeniable starting point to consider. Having to decide how much you are prepared to pay before you start searching will keep you from wasting too much on fancy features. It will also refine the choices to identify which attributes are relevant and provide you with an understanding of the best budget steam generator iron. The price range generally varies from about £50 to £500. When your price cap has been set, you can consider the above points.


Usually, you get the warranty for two years while buying Philips steam generator; however, if the generator is registered on Philip's official website, you get an additional one year warranty. There is also a 60 days money-back warranty. Check out Philip's official website. We hope this will help.

Closing Words

You need a steam generator iron if you are sick of rubbing your clothes with an obsolete iron, wasting time rotating and turning clothes, and struggling with rigid folds. Yes, it costs more than conventional iron. Despite this, having one is an investment, as well as a more relaxed time to live life is your reward. We are pretty sure that this comprehensive guide has cleared the clutter from your mind you have about which iron you have to buy, but if you still have even bit of doubt, please check out our top ten list of steam generator iron and make your choice condensed.