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Best Mattress Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In UK

As the world is modernizing, it is creating a shift in people’s lifestyles. Everyone is leading a busy lifestyle and are not taking proper care of their body. Many people in their mid-30s and 40s start experiencing back pain, and this slowly leads to disturbance in the alignment of the spine. Nearly a billion dollars is invested in treating patients with severe back pain, and 1 out of every ten people in the United Kingdom suffer from lower back pain. Sleeping on the perfect mattress that suits your composition will help a lot in giving relief and easing pain. So, why waste thousands of dollars on hospital bills instead of buying the right mattress? For the highest quality of sleep, it is essential to get the best mattress for your bed. The comfort of the mattress is the first building block that knocks you into a restful slumber.

Mattress Based On your Sleep Postures

Before heading to different types of mattresses available, it is essential to identify one’s sleep posture. It needs to be taken into consideration while buying a new mattress. Look out for the following types of attitudes and decide which one is you:


These people often tend to shift their position while sleeping. It is best to choose a mattress that offers more firmness. Select one that ranges between soft and medium level.

On The Back

In this posture, the back undergoes a lot of stress. So, it is essential to choose the correct level of firmness. It should be anywhere between the range of 4 to 7 based on stability.

Stomach Sleepers

Are you one of those who belly-flops onto the bed? If you are, then choose a mattress that offers medium firmness while keeping your spine aligned. It supports the mid-section with its cushion.

Those Who Sleep With A Partner- It becomes difficult when two different kinds of sleepers are sharing a bed. They should consider a mattress that eliminates or reduces movements on the surface of the bed.

Kids Mattress

Constant changes are seen with kids, and it is best to choose a mattress that suits them in the long term. It's best not to prefer spring mattresses because they may end up getting hurt.

Types Of Mattress

Choosing the right mattress involves many variables, but by following some practical guidelines, it makes it an effortless task. So, three main types of bed cover the needs of almost everyone. The three types of mattress are as follows:

Spring Mattress

As the name suggests, the mattress contains springs and makes it bouncy. People who are sideway sleepers would prefer this because it can sustain motion transfer. The mattress has around six years of lifespan, but it can be extended by adding a topper.


  • Bouncy nature.
  • Supports lower back and gives relief.


  • Not durable in the long run.
  • Springs could be exposed after a few years.

Memory Foam Mattress

These mattresses are a part of the foam category but come with a memory feature. It's unique because of its pressure retention factor, and it can even be used for a small or king-sized bed. Due to this, it can remember all the pressure points and relieves stress from the lower back. They are most suitable for people sleeping sideways.


  • Moulds itself into a more comfortable position.
  • Constant body temperature
  • Perfect for spinal alignment.


  • Not suitable for people having breathing problems because of the chemicals used in production.
  • Turning and turning is not easy while sleeping.

Latex Mattress

As the name illustrates, the mattress uses latex instead of foam. Natural elasticity and heat regulation are some key features of latex mattresses. They are usually heavier and denser than standard mattresses.


  • Excellent body contouring.
  • Natural materials used in production.
  • Ability to exhibit high-quality motion isolation.


  • Practical testing is unavailable.
  • Highly expensive.

Aspects To Consider While Buying A Mattress

Size - It is a significant factor when buying a mattress. Different formats like a full-size, queen size, king size, and twin size are available. Measure your height and go with extra capacity on that basis.  For children, an optimal mattress size would be either twin or twin XL.

Comfort - A mattress that doesn’t provide support is of no use. It may worsen back pain and lead to severe problems. So, choose a bed that is more comfortable than your existing mattress. As it varies from person to person, make sure to test it in the store itself.

Type - As mentioned earlier, regarding the types of mattresses available, choose the right one for your bed. It should feature more extended durability and sustainability. It all depends on your body type and requirements. Make sure to check them before making a choice. If experiencing back problems, then go with either spring mattress or memory foam mattress. Make it also a priority to check the density of the bed.

Budget - It is crucial to get your budget right. Bringing in a new mattress is a big decision so, be careful when investing a lot of money into buying a mattress. Many sales that give great discounts are available, so wait for some time to get the best deals. To get a decent level of comfort and size, one can go with a 200 pounds mattress. If on a high budget and looking for extra features like memory foam, then they cost you around 1000 pounds.

Warranty - While buying, look for the warranty period and make sure it is at least five years. Also, check for replacement options that avail you to get a new mattress when the old one falls apart. Details related to warranty coverages should also be kept in mind. If facing any issues with the bed, do contact the retailer and order for a replacement.

Final Words

In conclusion, all that is considered, one must always choose that fulfills their needs and requirements. Learning your posture and physical problems is essential when purchasing a brand new mattress. Longevity is the key in this aspect and never forget it. To look at some of the best beds in the market, follow our list of top ten mattresses.