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Best Handheld Vacuum Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In UK

Visible vacuum lines on a rug make an apartment feel cleaner. What if you could always have them, plus glowing, dust-free tiles. Well, it does not require anything more than a quick cleaning. For such fast cleaning activities, handheld vacuum cleaners are beneficial when you don't like the trouble of pulling your primary vacuum cleaner out of the closet.

Types of Handheld Vacuum

Primarily, there are two types of handheld vacuum cleaners available:

Corded Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

These mini handheld vacuums can be just about as effective as standard vacuums. Their input AC power can vary from 400 to 1000 watts (usually 1000 to 2000 watts are the standard canister vacuums).

  • Doesn't need reloading
  • It needs a power plug socket
  • Less conveyable

Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

As a substitute to mops and brooms, cordless (rechargeable) vacuum cleaners can not be used as an equivalent to standard vacuum cleaners.

They are convenient for small ad-hoc jobs but lack the hard-use endurance. Its electrical input can vary from 20 to 200 watts.

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Can be carried around everywhere for using
  • The runtime for each design ranges from typically 5-30 minutes
  • If the battery can not be substituted, then the whole machine will be pointless when the battery dies

What to Consider Before Buying a Handheld Vacuum?

Life can get a little complicated, with a wide range of model styles with various features and functionality available in the market. Our comprehensive guide on how to pick a top handheld vacuum cleaner will bring you a far clearer understanding of what aspects to consider when planning your purchase.


The very first question you need to ask yourself while you buy a handheld vacuum cleaner is, what are you going to be using it for? Will you often be cleaning your vehicle? If so, then choosing one that is a cordless handheld vacuum for care makes more sense. Or do you have any pets losing loads of hair? Then get a kit that's skilled in pet hair cleaning. Are you going to take it to different areas and clean up, or are you having arm or wrist problems? Then a lighter and more portable model is more fitting. These need to be taken into account so you can choose a suitable and the most powerful handheld vacuum design for your particular purpose.

Runtime and Battery Indicator

Cordless hand vacuums have a battery that can be recharged and only work for 15 to 30 minutes. Evaluate the reviews online before buying one to figure out how long it retains a charge and determine if it is long enough to handle your job. If not, try buying a corded variant.

One problem that many people seem to overlook when buying a rechargeable handheld vacuum is if there is an indicator of the power level to let you understand when your device needs to recharge. It can be annoying if you're midway into your cleaning and your vacuum runs out of power all of a sudden since you fail to recharge it.

Dirt Capacity

Handheld vacuums have significantly less capacity for dirt containers than standard vacuums. With handheld vacuums, dust capacity will typically vary from 0.5-1 liter, which would be specifically related to the width of the container which vacuum itself. If you are hunting for a tiny, portable handheld vacuum, you may have to compromise for a smaller-capacity unit.

Charge Time

A full charge on a cordless handheld vacuum usually needs about 18-24 hours to complete. Given the amount of time it requires for the unit to be charged, you will probably prefer the one with the longest working time. Not the one that takes a lot of time to the charging period, particularly if you intend to use your vacuum frequently.

Hose Option

Some variants have an extended hose to enter more challenging places but are also quite heavy and bulky than those without a hose. A powerful long-range hose is useful in circumstances where you'll have to access high places or narrow areas, but this is not something all handheld vacuums have. Long-range hose models are a little bulkier, heavier, and more costly than models without it, but it can be convenient to clean a single corner of your house.

Additional Accessories

Some handheld vacuum cleaners contain an attachment or maybe more, which typically consists of one (or both) a cleaning surface brush, and a splitting tool to enter confined corners. Advanced pet hair models should usually have a pet upholstery device to make it simpler to snag pet fur. Often wireless handheld vacuums could have a specific dock that will rest on a desk, while some may arrive with a wall mount to install the unit. Ask yourself, are any of those accessories a requirement, or just a luxury for you?


The more features a handheld vacuum possesses, the bigger and heavier it gets. Dirt container volume, additional hose, battery size, design factors such as the pivoting head, and unique technical aspects, as seen in other Dyson handheld vacuums, are the features that significantly influence the size and weight.

Additional features often come at extra cost, so if size and weight are a high priority for you, it's easier to save the money and buy a basic but reliable model for you.


Corded hand vacuums are cheaper on average than cordless designs. A fine and cheap handheld vacuum will vary between £30 – £40. The quality will be equal to a more costly cordless model.

If you like the comfort and ease of transport advantages, then you just need to spend more. A good cordless hand vacuum can range up to hundreds of dollars. The price bracket is so broad that it starts at about £50, and you can buy up a nice one for around £180. And if you're expecting anything beyond the average, be prepared to pay up to £600.


Whether cordless or corded handheld vacuum cleaners, both are covered by a 12-month guarantee, extendable to a total warranty period of 24 months. An extended warranty is subjected to registration.

Final Words

Now that you understand all the key things to remember when buying a handheld vacuum cleaner, the last aspect remaining to address is your budget. Compare what you're willing to pay for with all the features you need.

Spending a little extra on handheld vacuums is usually preferable than opting for the lowest alternative available, purely because it might not be up to your expectations. If you wish to know our top handheld vacuum cleaners recommendations, you can view our top 10 comparison chart and the comprehensive list below.