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Best Fitbit Watch Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In UK

Fitbit is currently one of the best-known smartwatch/fitness tracker brands, and its wearable devices collection provides something for every wellness fan. Fitbit has a broad range that's especially suitable for those fresh to wearable devices.

What Is Fitbit?

A Fitbit is a fitness and exercise tracker belted on your wrist and used to assist you in mapping your lifestyle daily. The Fitbit app is compliant with over 200 mobile devices from Apple's iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

How Does It Work?

Get the complete picture with a Fitbit when it falls to your wellness and fitness. A Fitbit is a great companion for working out. Sweat it out through your regular workouts, and use the Fitbit to track your performance in real-time. Fasten it on to monitor your steps, distance covered, burned calories, heart rate, sleep pattern, and more. The simple-to-use touch screen also functions as a watch, and some variants can connect to your mobile to play songs, use GPS, and receive phone calls, messages, and emails.

Why Fitbit?

Lightweight:  Every version is unique and designed for a sleek look. You certainly won't even know that you're carrying one as they're so lightweight, kudos to the top-of-the-line quality of Fitbit watch straps.

Performance: These gadgets far exceed the normal calorie / step-counters on the business. There are reminders to motivate you to exercise more effectively when you've been physically inactive for too long, GPS monitoring to schedule and control your workouts, and heart rate monitors. As a side benefit, you don't need to charge your Fitbit every day.

Innovation: Featuring a range of built-in sensors, heart rate tracking, wireless connectivity, and split-screen adjustments, Fitbits integrates the new state-of-the-art technology to make tracking of your fitness better than ever before. These fitness watches are so unique that they also have kids Fitbit watch to offer.

Wide Price Range: Fitbit fits in every budget. If you choose to invest a small amount or a lot, you'll be likely to find one in your budget. Its range varies from cheap Fitbit watch to High-end models with all exciting features.

Though there are exactly no different types of Fitbit watches, yet you can get different variants depending on price and features like Fitbit charge 3 or Fitbit Inspire HR.

Benefits of Fitbit Watch

  • They make you conscious of whether you are (or aren't) physically engaged so that you can boost general fitness.
  • With their friendly applications and enhancements, they inspire you to work out and build that encourages you about fitness.
  • Their ability to monitor allows you to tailor your exercise so you can do it the best way and make it more effective.

Important Factors to Keep In Mind While Buying Fitbit Watch


When it comes to design, convenience, and flexibility, as well as attractiveness, are relevant to remember. Most designs will offer you some sort of preference from the get-go in contexts of band styling, so when it comes to convenience, it's really up to you if you chose a more sporty, rubber band or bulkier, mesh. Additional swappable Fitbit watch bands can also be purchased if you want to mix things. From sporty bands to chic tailored leather and stainless steel frame, there's now an extensive range of models.


All devices monitor distance, calories, steps, and sleep, but in some specific aspects, they do vary. A significant difference between devices is that some have designed-in GPS for real-time speed tracking and distance tracking such as Charge 4. In contrast, others require smartphone connectivity to manage this detail. Some variants have heart rate monitoring 24/7, so you can stay consistent with your stats all day. Many also can monitor other essential data such as accurate sleep analysis and reporting, as well as women's Fitbit watch tracks women's wellness efficiently. Most provide music sharing via music storage or streaming via Spotify or other streaming services.

Water Resistance

Both Fitbit trackers and smartwatches are entirely waterproof, which implies they are rain resilient, spill-resistant, and humidity resistant. Most Fitbit apps, including versions of the Inspire, Ionic, and Versa series, can be used during swimming or bath. These designs are swim-proof at up to 50 meters in water bodies. When you buy a Fitbit watch for kids, water-resistance adds a great benefit.

Battery Life

Battery life can extend from one day to multiple days, based on the functionality of the product. The battery in a color touchscreen device and an armada of sensors would need to be powered more regularly than those in a basic band with a couple of LED lights on its head. Also, note that not all trackers are rechargeable. Based on how frequently you travel, battery life can be very critical, and how much you expect to use the battery. With seven days of battery performance, of all the versions the Charge 4 dominates in this way. The majority of other variants fall within 4-6 days of battery life.


When you take out your money, make damn sure your mobile phone or computer makes the system compatible. Some devices only sync with iOS from Apple; others, just Android. And many do not operate with Windows. Though all of the latest Fitbit watches come with general compatibility, it's advisable to make sure at least once before buying.


Trackers aren't always accurate. They use sensors and algorithms to decipher movements, stairs climbed, sleeping patterns. That is, there can be some element of vagueness. You may have to try a function-specific system if you prefer accurate-data. Before the final pick, go through the Fitbit watch review to know the range of accuracy.


Although all the Fitbit watch price is reasonable, the price varies accordingly. The Ionic smartwatch on their lists is the priciest edition, but it does give the fullest range of features. The Inspire HR provides a fantastic amount of real worth-price features for someone on a budget. With prices varying from £46.99 watches for kids to £199.99 or above, you'll find everything that perfectly matches your needs.


For the starting price of £46.99, there is no warranty provided as of now If you are buying from Amazon, however, Fitbit offers limited product warranty for the new products and you can avail of this offer by visiting the official website of the brand. However, they do have their terms and conditions and you better go through that before you hit upon ‘return’.

Final Verdict

For most people who wear a Fitbit, it improves their perspective on physical activity for the best. All of these trackers typically provide an all-around productive attitude when it comes to a healthier lifestyle. They make workouts enjoyable and straightforward- which is the secret to progress and consistency. In size, usability, and style, Fitbit is unbeatable. If you're unfamiliar with the gym scene or a veteran pro, you're going to love Fitbit. Get your Fitbit watch now and experience the modern way of being healthy. And if you are ready to buy one and need more assistance, then don't go anywhere. We have made a list of top 10 Fitbit watches available in the market.